How to Stay Motivated in Grad School

I always loved school. I was always that kid eager to learn and never miss a day! If I was sick, I’d even beg my mom to let me go to school because I hated missing new lessons or seeing if the homework question that took me all night was correct once we went over it in class. Teacher’s pet was my middle name and I always sat in the front of the classroom. Something about school just always interested me…and now I am trying to keep that same eagerness with grad school. Staying motivated in school in general is hard for some people and I came up with a few things that help me stay motivated. I am a fully online graduate student at SNHU studying for my International MBA in Social Media Marketing. Read more on my grad school motivation tips.

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Pretty in Pink | Style Haul under $10!

pretty in pink

This post is inspired by one of my favorite classic movies, Pretty in Pink, starring Molly Ringwald. If you don’t already know by now, pink is one of my favorite colors (mauve being my favorite). This winter, I wanted to incorporate more pink into my wardrobe. Pastel pinks or nude pinks are perfect for this time of year, plus, I love this color best on my skin tone. I picked out some affordable pink clothing recently from shops such as Burlington Coat Factory, Bealls Outlet, Walmart and H&M all under $10 bucks each! I also raided my best friend’s closet for some more pink clothing to add on to my wardrobe this year. I can’t wait to style all of these! Grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy my $10 and under haul incorporating my favorite color, pink!

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The November Christmas Tree | Affordable Christmas Decor

christmas decorI don’t know a single person who doesn’t enjoy Christmas, especially early in November. First, enjoying the true meaning behind Christmas is enough for me. But, along also comes the weather, the songs, the movies, the food, the deserts, the scents…and the decorations! My family always put up their Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and I decided to continue the same tradition in my own place. This is the first time I am putting up a Christmas tree in my apartment. I can’t go all out because I am on a budget, but I could afford some Christmas decor and a Christmas tree all under $100. If you need affordable Christmas decor and interested on where to find them, keep reading!

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10 Life Lessons in 25 years

life lesson

Monday, August 12th, 1991 around 8:30 am in Philadelphia, Pa, I was born. It’s funny because we all didn’t ask to be in this world. We didn’t ask for bills, heart-break, sickness. But we were given something precious….LIFE.  In my 25 years of living, I have learned many lessons. More lessons than I can count! I wanted to share with you the biggest lessons, 10 of them, that I have learned so far.  

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