My Morning Routine: Girl Boss Edition

morning routine

Ahh…the morning time. If you start if off right, you can and will enjoy the rest of your day. I work 8 hours a day in retail management, then I spend about 3 hours on homework once I come home and another 2 hours on upcoming blog posts. With working full time, blogging full time and attending grad school full time, I need to start my mornings off right. There are certain things I do every morning and I want to share it with you! Here is my morning routine…girl boss edition 🙂

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Wanderlust: My 2017 Travel Plans, Budget Friendly

travel plans

Travel plans and Wanderlust (a strong desire to travel). I have Wanderlust tattooed on me and it’s finally time I bring it to life. I traveled a lot as a child, mostly in the U.S. Ever since then, I got a craving to see more. This world is huge and I want to see it all! 2017 is my year of traveling and many more to come. It’s time to knock the dust off my passport. No more hold backs. No more excuses. Plus, all my traveling will be budget friendly…because I am not rich haha. See where I will be traveling next year!

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Christmas Styles Under $20: Budgetgirlife Guest Blogger

christmas styles

With only 5 more days left until Christmas, this is the perfect time to post a Christmas Styles haul under $20! Do you know what you are wearing on Christmas Eve and day?! Something is a bit different about this post! It’s my first guest blogger post! Today’s guest blogger is a budget girl herself, Jen! Fun fact, both Jen and I went to the same college! Even though I graduated 3 years ago haha but it’s so cool to bring a fellow “panther” to this blog. You can find her on Instagram here or on Blog here. “Spend less and do more” is this budget girl, Jen’s, motto! And she has some great surprises in store! Let’s get into the post!

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25 signs of a Quarter Life Crisis at Age 25


quarter life crisisDon’t lie, we all look at a friend’s Instagram or Facebook page and stalk the awesome life they live. They are the same age as you and they just happen to be getting the best out of life. They have an awesome career already, they are engaged, they travel a lot, eat at expensive restaurants, have the best clothes, etc. We all, at one point in time, wish we were living a different life or thought our life would turn out completely different by the age of 25. Most of us sell ourselves big dreams everyday that we cannot handle realistically. We are far too young to be going through a “Mid-life crisis” but if you are experiencing any of these signs, you may be going through a quarter life crisis. I came up with a list of 25 signs I currently am going through at this age just to let you all know you are not alone and that eventually our dreams will come true! Hopefully I can bring some smiles to your faces with this one. Are there any of you out there who feels the same as me sometimes? 

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How To Grow Naturally Curly Hair: My Journey to BSL

natural hair growth

Natural hair growth should not be synonymous to a struggle. True story, my hair NEVER use to grow past my collar bone! I assumed it was just never meant to be longer. I was wrong! Your hair can and WILL GROW.  Growing your hair could be stressful! Especially, if you don’t know what you are doing and you aren’t seeing the results you believe you should have. I decided to stop relaxing my hair in 2011. From 2011 to 2013, I transitioned my hair. In 2013, I cut all of my relaxed ends off…and it was the BEST decision I ever made for the health of my hair. After cutting all of my relaxed ends off, my hair was ear length (curly) but neck length when straightened. It was short as hell, but it looked healthier! From there, I gave myself a goal, no particular time limit, to reach BSL. Three years later, I survived to tell you how I did it. This isn’t a “grow your hair immediately” type post. It took 3 years to see this growth from my mini chop. Keep reading to see how it is possible to grow your hair longer.

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