Shopping with Happily Ever Poor: Style Haul under $100

style haul

Finding great deals on clothing items are easy if you know where to shop. My favorite places to find great deals are Burlington, Walmart, Rainbow, Charlotte Russe, F21 and more! Just because an item is cheap, doesn’t mean its low in quality. Also, just because a clothing store is a low budget store, doesn’t mean everything in the store is low quality! I share with you some casual items I picked up in the last week to add to my wardrobe that will last me a long time. My budget was $100 and I did a pretty great job. All together, I bought 15 items for under $100.

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Travel Necessities: First-time International Travelers

travel necessities

I am so excited for all the international travel I will be doing this year. I am finally starting to live out my dream! However, this is my first time flying out of the country and I never had to pack for an international flight. If any of you have never travelled internationally, I hope I can help you with what I decided on bringing with my travel checklist. I plan to only carry on a carry on suitcase as well as a purse/small bag. Click here to read all my other budget friendly travel posts and how you can start traveling as well! Click to read more on what I plan on packing with me! 

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Green Tea Rinse (DIY): Natural Hair Care

green tea rinse

I love using the purest products on my hair, especially if I can do or make it myself. Tea rinses are the craze right now in the natural hair community. Green tea literary has so many benefits besides just drinking it daily! You can make a facial mask, drink it of course lol, dark circles under your eyes, add it to your shampoo and now just use it as a rinse for your hair! In this post I will share with you the benefits of doing a green tea rinse and how it has helped my hair. I will even share how to make this simple product! Most importantly, this is a cheap alternative to hair products on the market nowMake sure you check out all my other natural hair posts here for more inspiration on how to grow your natural hair long and strong!

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Grad School: How to get accepted

graduate school

According to a recent study, a bachelor’s degree will be equivalent to a H.S Diploma in a few years. That’s very interesting facts! If you are like me, I wanted to jump right into graduate school right after undergrad, but that didn’t work out for me. Why you ask? Well honestly…life haha. It isn’t super hard getting into a graduate program and it isn’t easy either. In this blog post I am going to share my experience on getting accepted into graduate school.

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Night-time Routine: Grad School Edition

night-time routine

It’s time for a new semester of graduate school and I am excited! It is also getting a little chillier outside so I have to switch up my night routine. I work a full time job with crazy hours, so when I come home and have to do homework, it can get stressful. I developed a night-time routine to basically keep me sane this semester haha. A night-time routine is very important. It can help relax you and get your body used to doing certain things every night. Here is my night-time routine: grad school edition!

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