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study hacks


Studying and getting that 4.0 each semester doesn’t have to be a struggle. No worries, I got you! Graduate school is a whole other level and it involves more studying, writing, research, and harder tests! If you are in Graduate school, good luck on any exams you may be taking soon. For now, check out my study hacks that helped me ace my last two semesters of graduate school!

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Spring Wardrobe: Top 5 Spring Essentials

spring wardrobe

Behind Fall, Spring is my second favorite time of year. The reason being is because it’s not too hot, like summer, and it’s not too cold, like winter. The weather around this time is breezy, cool, and around 70 degrees and I love it! I am stocking up on some new Spring wardrobe essentials because I am changing up my style. I have been in love with the Bohemian vibe lately so, a lot of the inspiration you see here in my Spring wardrobe is pulled just from that! Hope you enjoy! Also, if you love this post, check out my other style posts (budget friendly!) here!

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Small office tour for Students/Bloggers: Budget Friendly Ideas and Decor

office space

As a blogger and a grad student, I need an office space that I could escape to and get all of my creative work done. Living in a 731 sq foot apartment makes it hard to create that space but definitely not impossible.  So, I turned my dining room, yup that’s right, into my office area! I revamped my office space from the first time I put it together all under $50!(including furniture). Check out my first office space tour here to get even more ideas! If you want some ideas on your own office space, keep reading!

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Curly hair and oils

For the love of Curls

curly hair

Embrace those curls of yours, they will treat you like you treat it! If you are reading this post, you must have curly hair! I want to share with you my favorite oils for curly hair and their benefits. Also, I will let you know where you can find these oils at an affordable price and making sure they are 100% organic oils. I have had naturally curly hair for 6 years now, read my transitioning story here, and I love my results. Through my hair care journey, I have found what oils have worked best for my hair and I am here to share! Check out all my other hair care posts here! Let’s get into this post!

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