The Curly Chronicles

Curly hair care products I currently love

curly hair

I have had naturally curly hair for 6 years now and I can’t tell you how many products I have been through. For us curly haired girls, it’s hard for us to retain moisture, contain the frizz, control the shrinkage and keep the curls detangled. It’s truly the struggle! I recently found 3 products I am loving in my hair right now that combats dryness, shrinkage, frizz and detangles my hair perfectly! Keep on reading if you want to see what curly hair products I got myself into!

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Follow me around Amsterdam: Wanderlust Series 1


Travel with me to this beautiful country, The Netherlands

Traveling the world has always been in my blood, I even have the word “wanderlust” inked on my body.  Click here to see my Amsterdam Travel Diary on my Wanderlust page. From as young as I can remember, I loved to travel. I loved long car rides, or train rides, staring out the window for hours wondering what adventure awaits. Finally, I told myself that I want to see more of the world and to not let money be a factor. I afforded this Amsterdam trip, and planned it, in six months with amazing travel saving hacks. If you are interested on how I save money when booking my trips, check out my blog post here on how you can start saving money on travel too! 

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