Secrets of Pinterest for Beginners (Blogger Edition)

How to use Pinterest to get more Blog Traffic and Increase Engagement



So many bloggers are missing out on the potential blog traffic they can receive by using Pinterest and Pinterest Analytics. I have been an avid pinner for years but, once I started my blog, I switched to a business profile and starting playing around with Pinterest to gain more readers to my blog. My blog traffic engagement increased in just 6 months of utilizing the Pinterest business tools. Even though I am still learning new things every day, I want to share with you the secrets of using Pinterest as a beginner and how you can receive more blog traffic to your blog!

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Hello 2018: Goals ,Inspiration and, Motivation


It’s almost 2018 already?! Wait, I swear I was just sipping on champagne to bring in 2017 not to long ago! Oh well! New year, new goals!  I think some of us make goals for the new year not realizing that there are 2 types of goals, aspirations and task oriented. Today, I am sharing with you what type of goals to establish for short and long term and I am also sharing my 2018 goals! After, I will be sharing some inspirational quotes and motivational tips in this post to help you bring in the new year! 

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