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Studying and getting that 4.0 each semester doesn’t have to be a struggle. No worries, I got you! Graduate school is a whole other level and it involves more studying, writing, research, and harder tests! If you are in Graduate school, good luck on any exams you may be taking soon. For now, check out my study hacks that helped me ace my last two semesters of graduate school!

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Grad School: How to get accepted

graduate school

According to a recent study, a bachelor’s degree will be equivalent to a H.S Diploma in a few years. That’s very interesting facts! If you are like me, I wanted to jump right into graduate school right after undergrad, but that didn’t work out for me. Why you ask? Well honestly…life haha. It isn’t super hard getting into a graduate program and it isn’t easy either. In this blog post I am going to share my experience on getting accepted into graduate school.

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Night-time Routine: Grad School Edition

night-time routine

It’s time for a new semester of graduate school and I am excited! It is also getting a little chillier outside so I have to switch up my night routine. I work a full time job with crazy hours, so when I come home and have to do homework, it can get stressful. I developed a night-time routine to basically keep me sane this semester haha. A night-time routine is very important. It can help relax you and get your body used to doing certain things every night. Here is my night-time routine: grad school edition!

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A Blogger’s Neccessities: 2017 Organization Supplies

blogging supplies

I love a fresh new year! To me, that means new school and blogging supplies (well that’s not the only thing the new year means to me but it’s one of them haha). I love finding new planners, notebooks, pencils, pens, calendars and more to complete my office. When I buy new office supplies every year, I immediately write down my goals, plans and any events I have going on. I love to stay organized and I want to share with you some of the items I picked up last week to help kick this new year into gear! Oh and of course…they are affordable! I wouldn’t be living happily ever poor if I wasn’t watching my budget!

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How to Stay Motivated in Grad School

I always loved school. I was always that kid eager to learn and never miss a day! If I was sick, I’d even beg my mom to let me go to school because I hated missing new lessons or seeing if the homework question that took me all night was correct once we went over it in class. Teacher’s pet was my middle name and I always sat in the front of the classroom. Something about school just always interested me…and now I am trying to keep that same eagerness with grad school. Staying motivated in school in general is hard for some people and I came up with a few things that help me stay motivated. I am a fully online graduate student at SNHU studying for my International MBA in Social Media Marketing. Read more on my grad school motivation tips.

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