Autumn Favorites and DIY Decor

Autumn favorites

Autumn is my favorite time of year. It’s when I am the most creative and in tuned with my mind and spirit. Every Autumn, I enjoy decorating my apartment, on a budget of course, and collecting sweaters, watching scary movies, lighting my favorite Autumn scented candles, baking delicious treats and wearing the deepest shades of red on my lips. Read along as I show you how to turn your home into an Autumn inspiration and learn about my favorite things this time of year.

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Accessories you need this S U M M E R


 Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with accessories! Fun Fact: I used to make my own jewelry for about 7 years! I love layering up with accessories in the summer. In the summer, we wear less clothing. So, why not spice up those blank arms, legs, feet, fingers, etc with some cute and fun summer accessories! I have teamed up with my favorite fashion/accessories stores, like FYND (find your next deal) fashion boutiqueCharming Charlie, and more to bring you some of my favorite summer accessories you will see me rocking this season and how I style them! 

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Spring Wardrobe: Top 5 Spring Essentials

spring wardrobe

Behind Fall, Spring is my second favorite time of year. The reason being is because it’s not too hot, like summer, and it’s not too cold, like winter. The weather around this time is breezy, cool, and around 70 degrees and I love it! I am stocking up on some new Spring wardrobe essentials because I am changing up my style. I have been in love with the Bohemian vibe lately so, a lot of the inspiration you see here in my Spring wardrobe is pulled just from that! Hope you enjoy! Also, if you love this post, check out my other style posts (budget friendly!) here!

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Shopping with Happily Ever Poor: Style Haul under $100

style haul

Finding great deals on clothing items are easy if you know where to shop. My favorite places to find great deals are Burlington, Walmart, Rainbow, Charlotte Russe, F21 and more! Just because an item is cheap, doesn’t mean its low in quality. Also, just because a clothing store is a low budget store, doesn’t mean everything in the store is low quality! I share with you some casual items I picked up in the last week to add to my wardrobe that will last me a long time. My budget was $100 and I did a pretty great job. All together, I bought 15 items for under $100.

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Christmas Styles Under $20: Budgetgirlife Guest Blogger

christmas styles

With only 5 more days left until Christmas, this is the perfect time to post a Christmas Styles haul under $20! Do you know what you are wearing on Christmas Eve and day?! Something is a bit different about this post! It’s my first guest blogger post! Today’s guest blogger is a budget girl herself, Jen! Fun fact, both Jen and I went to the same college! Even though I graduated 3 years ago haha but it’s so cool to bring a fellow “panther” to this blog. You can find her on Instagram here or on Blog here. “Spend less and do more” is this budget girl, Jen’s, motto! And she has some great surprises in store! Let’s get into the post!

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