3 Regions, 8 Cities, 10 Days: Follow me around Italy


Italy, one of the most beautiful and historical places I have visited thus far. For 10 days, I explored 8 cities within Italy. I rode through the canals of Venice and stepped outside the city with the locals of Mestre. Then, I visited Juliet’s Balcony in Verona, where the walls are plastered with love letters. Florence took my heart with it’s Duomo and it’s night life. I then hopped on a train to visit the leaning tower of Pisa in Pisa, Italy. Next,I visited a city on top of a hill called Orvieto, where you have to reach this land by a funicular. Then, I went to the ancient city of Rome, where I walked the same paths of history’s greatest emperors. Next, I was headed off to the Vatican city, the smallest country in the world, where I got to witness a body of a real pope, preserved for over a century.  FOLLOW ME AROUND ITALY

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How to pack a Day-Pack when touring a European city


When you think of traveling, one thing you want to make sure is that you pack accordingly. Yes, you have your carry on tote/bag, your checked bag or, your carry on luggage. But, we forget the most important bag to pack…our day-pack! Think about it. Your carry on bag is not going to hold all the same items as your day-pack when you are touring around the city. It was hard to even find any posts on day-packs that were for touring cities so, today I am going to show you what I bring along with me in my day-pack when I walk and tour cities for about 8 hours a day! 

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Travel Must-Haves

travel must-haves

So, you are all set for your trip and you are freaking out because you know there is SOMETHING you forgot! No worries! Today I am going to share with you all my travel must-haves and why I need them with me every time I travel! Remember to share this post to inspire others! I even included a downloadable travel packing list for you all as well! Check out my travel blog posts here for more inspiration on travel and traveling tips.

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Follow me around Amsterdam: Wanderlust Series 1


Travel with me to this beautiful country, The Netherlands

Traveling the world has always been in my blood, I even have the word “wanderlust” inked on my body.  Click here to see my Amsterdam Travel Diary on my Wanderlust page. From as young as I can remember, I loved to travel. I loved long car rides, or train rides, staring out the window for hours wondering what adventure awaits. Finally, I told myself that I want to see more of the world and to not let money be a factor. I afforded this Amsterdam trip, and planned it, in six months with amazing travel saving hacks. If you are interested on how I save money when booking my trips, check out my blog post here on how you can start saving money on travel too! 

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