happily ever poor niqueea

My name is N I Q U E E A

…pronounced (Ny-kwee-uh)

and this is my blog, Happily Ever Poor

The best times, and the happiest times, in my life were the times I didn’t have much. I learned a lot about myself through the things I never had. I learned how to turn a sour lemon situation into some delicious pink lemonade, hence my logo. My struggles empowered my creativity. It strengthened my well being. It made me want to work even harder, see the world and what it has to offer. It’s important to be humble in life, LIVE life, and be happy, and to understand that you do NOT NEED LOADS OF MONEY to do just that.  That’s what this blog is about. I want to inspire YOU to be HAPPY and LIVE YOUR LIFE, $pend less and just live a happily ever poor life.

A little about me:

  • 26 years in the making…(in case you didn’t get that corny joke lol I am 26)
  • I blog full time,
  • Full time graduate student (currently working on my International MBA in Social Media Marketing)
  • Full time Co Manager in fashion retail for tweens
  • addicted to coffee, lemonheads (or anything sour) and tv/movies/books that have anything to do with magic or historic events


xoxo Niqueea