Travel Necessities: First-time International Travelers

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travel necessities

I am so excited for all the international travel I will be doing this year. I am finally starting to live out my dream! However, this is my first time flying out of the country and I never had to pack for an international flight. If any of you have never travelled internationally, I hope I can help you with what I decided on bringing with my travel checklist. I plan to only carry on a carry on suitcase as well as a purse/small bag. Click here to read all my other budget friendly travel posts and how you can start traveling as well! Click to read more on what I plan on packing with me! 

Travel Necessities

travel necessities

Hello gorgeous and welcome back to a new blog post! Make sure you are keeping up with me on Instagram (I have an amazing theme lol), Twitter, and Pinterest for all behind the scenes access for upcoming posts. Once my posts go live, make sure you are notified by clicking that yellow subscribe button up on top of this post (it’s free)! Ok, let’s hop right in to this post!

Travel Necessities: Documents

travel necessities

Travel documents are going to be your most important travel necessities when it is time to plan your flight! What I recommend for first time international travelers as well as seasoned travelers, is to make laminated copies of your passport to carry upon with you. Also send a copy of your passport to an email or dropbox. Print out any passes you may need, like train tickets or boarding passes. I am also investing in a travel wallet with RFID blocking! A travel wallet is great for keeping all your documents safe and secure while traveling! As for when I am roaming the country on foot, I am buying a smart pocket wallet, to keep my hands free from pick pocketers! You can find cute travel wallets on amazon. Click below to find the ones I am looking at for my trip.


Travel Necessities: Electronics

Electronics are going to be a huge part of your travel necessities as well! Remember to bring all your chargers for your phone, laptops and cameras. Make sure to buy a charger outlet adapter because different countries have different electrical sockets! Bring some headphones too to listen to music or watch a movie! I am also bringing along a portable charger wallet that charges my phone 2 times for a full battery. Bring a pouch for all your electronics so you know exactly where everything is and everything will be kept together. Click below to see what’s in my cart!


Travel Necessities: Liquids

For all your liquid travel necessities, make sure they fall under the size guidelines, as well as the clear bag you place them all in. I plan on buying small plastic bottles, that fit the size requirements, all from the dollar store. Then I can fill it up with items I already have instead of buying everything over again in travel size. I also intend on putting plastic wrap underneath all lids just incase something explodes while in air lol! Here are the liquids I am going to be traveling with:

  • Contact solution
  • hand sanitizer
  • deodorant
  • facial lotion
  • eye drops
  • mouthwash
  • febreeze spray
  • perfume

Travel Necessities: Other (non-clothing)

For my other travel necessities, it is going to include all things not liquids, electronics or documents. Here are my carry on essentials I plan on packing:

  • Neck pillow
  • Blanket
  • cozy socks
  • eye mask cover
  • advil
  • tissues
  • sunglasses
  • pen
  • cleansing wipes
  • glasses case
  • lip balm
  • facial wipes
  • compact mirror
  • back up pair of contacts
  • face mask sheets
  • collapsible water bottle
  • extra underwear
  • extra hairbows/bobby pins
  • panty liners
  • Summers eves wipes
  • plastic bag for trash
  • snacks
  • earplugs
  • gum
  • laundry bag

Travel Necessities: Clothing

travel necessities

Alright, these travel necessities are also pretty important lol. So last, but not least, I am packing a few clothing items that will last me a week of travel. So far I am sticking with mostly basics. Here is a list on what I plan on packing in my carry on:

  • Leather Jacket
  • Jean jacket
  • Large cardigan
  • black jeans
  • dark blue jeans
  • medium wash jeans
  • black leggings
  • white cami
  • black cami
  • 5 casual tops
  • sneakers
  • black flats
  • 10 pair of underwear ( I always like to pack double!)
  • 1 pair of pajamas
  • 2 bras
  • socks for sneakers
  • small umbrella( I know lol not clothing)

Travel Checklist

Everything I named, I put on a travel checklist. Making a checklist will help you stay organized and not forget anything important. I made this cute one up above just using Microsoft Word. I printed it out and as I get the things I need I will check them off.

Everything is not final…

travel necessities

Of course this list is not final, I may be adding things I am clearly forgetting. I hope this helped some of you out traveling for the first time! If you find anything that I forgot that is super important please let me know in the comments down below!! Have an amazing day! Until next time,

Happily ever poor,


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